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Measurement Guide

Take Your Bust, Waist, Hip & Shoulder-To-Hem Measurement

You can take your measurements by yourself with the following guide or you can ask a friend to give you a hand. The most important thing here is to measure your body based on how you’d like the dress to fit on you. Our size charts serve as a sizing guide to help you figure out the best size for you. If you’re in between sizes, it is always better to select the bigger size to allow room for alterations.

At first it may seem a bit daunting, but with a little patience and a good measuring tape, you will be able to get your own measurements easily enough. It may also be a good idea to measure one of your own dresses at home and compare measurements.

You’ll need to take 4 measurements: BUST, WAIST, HIPS & the length from your SHOULDER TO HEM. Here’s how!

To begin you will need a (cloth) measuring tape, a full length mirror, as well as pen and paper to take note of your measurements. Good posture is recommended for best results!

Wear a bra that will be similar to the bra you will wear with your dress.

Wrap the measuring tape around your chest at the fullest part of your bust and the widest part of your back, usually at the nipple line. Clip or tape it to keep it in place. Ensure it is a snug fit, just like how you’d expect the dress to fit on you. Stand naturally with your legs together and your arms at your sides.

How to Measure bustBust
*This is not your bra size!
*Wear a bra
*Relax arms at sides
*Pull tape across the fullest part of the bust
How to Measure waistWaist
*Find the natural waist
*This is the smallest part of the waist
*Usually about 1 in. above belly button
*Keep tape slightly loose to
allow for breathing room
How to Measure hipsHips
*Find the widest part of the hips
*Usually about 7 in. below natural waist
*Tape should brush across both hipbones
How to Measure shoulder width Shoulder
Shoulder - From the edge of the shoulder socket, measure across the back to the same point on the other shoulder.
How to Measure hollow to floorHollow to Floor (Bare Foot)
*Stand straight with feet together
*Measure in bare feet
*Begin at the hollow space
between the collarbones and
pull tape straight down to the floor
*To fit high heels, we’ll add
an extra 5 cm onto custom-sized
floor-length dresses and dresses with trains
How to Measure heightHeight
* Stand straight with feet together
* Measure in bare feet
* Begin at the top of the head and
pull tape straight down to the floor